Amazing Actress with Beautiful Heart
OUR Rooney Mara is a USA Princess
This Site is dedicated to OUR Rooney Mara whom so brilliantly portrays Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 2011

Our Rooney Mara graduated from Fox Lane High School in 2003

She traveled with the Traveling School to Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia in South America for four months.

After returning to USA she continued her education and graduated in 2010 with studies in psychology, international social policy and non-profits.

Her sister Kate Mara whom had become a professional actress was a big influence on her. Other influences was going to see live musical theatre.

Our Rooney Mara says she was inspired by classic movies like Bringing up Baby - 1938, Gone with the Wind - 1939 and Rebecca - 1940

Our Rooney Mara states that as a child acting "never seemed that honorable to me, and I guess I was always afraid that I might fail" - Source : The Journal News

Our Rooney Mara did her very first performance as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet in high school. She did act in a few student films while @ university.

She had her first professional acting audition after her education when she was nineteen.

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Below:  OUR Rooney Mara with sister Kate Mara

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